George LeudemannSales Manager - US Telecom

    I’m George Leudemann, National Sales Manager for Circa Telecom’s Surge Protection division and managing the US distribution channel for Guardian Telecom.

    I joined the Circa Enterprises family as a Regional Territory Manager with Circa Telecom over a decade ago in 2007, and hit the ground running as Employee of the Year 2008.

    I have over 25 years of sales and management experience in the telecommunications industry. An impressive record of top performance and the proven ability to achieve solid sales growth. Extensive experience in creating and implementing branding and marketing relevant to the vertical market. Experience with National and Global accounts, channel management, rep group management, and training.

    It is my passion and pleasure to work with the Guardian Telecom team to bring our US Sales to the next level with a focus on the customer’s service and satisfaction.

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