The custom made Guardian Paging System Control Unit (PSCU) is the main control console that includes Gooseneck Microphone (785L) with Push-to-Talk switch, alarm activation and reset buttons (with indicator lights), indicator lights for Digital Recorder (if system equipped), Pilot Tone Generator, Backup Amplifier status and RF Failure indication.

The PSCU also contains a built-in page system monitor speaker with respective volume control. The PSCU is remote powered and connected to the main system rack via a 25 conductor cable.

Guardian Telecom’s PSCU Paging System Control Unit can be used on customized Guardian PA/GA rack systems or Third-Party PA/GA rack systems. The PSCU can be custom configured depending on a customers’ specific system requirements.

Product Features

  • 16 gauge steel enclosure ─ zinc dichromate plated and powder coated
  • 10 gauge steel faceplate ─ zinc dichromate plated and powder coated
  • Heavy duty gooseneck microphone
  • Ergonomic angled top deck
  • Multi-alarm channel activation buttons plus one reset button
  • PA system monitoring capability
  • Monitor speaker volume control
  • Remote device indication for main system rack unit status
  • Quick disconnect wiring harness
  • Large Push-to-Page (PTT) button
  • Internal telephone (RJ11) jacks for optional telephone termination
  • Selectable monitor speaker muting
  • Order number: Unique order number are applied to individual custom PSCU designs
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