Working Inside the Box.

Working Inside the Box.

A major North American transit authority with an extensive transportation network with a need for a large quantity of industrial telephones purchased a significant quantity of Guardian Telecom’s SCT Indoor industrial telephones. The selection was based on the SCT series being highly suitable for rugged interior applications and is ideal in noisy areas.

Later the customer came to realize that they also had a requirement for industrial telephones to be used outdoors in a northern climate. The transit authority needed a telephone in an enclosure with a door.

Guardian worked closely with the transit authority going through a checklist of the customer’s current and future needs in relation to the situation they found themselves in. The customer wanted to keep things relatively straight forward and simple. Their objectives were to keep a low stock of back up phones and spare part inventory to avoid complex training in maintenance and use.
The apparent solution was to select a suitable model from Guardian’s extensive Outdoor Industrial product line but that introduced complications of additional back-up (replacement) stock, parts and training.

A modular solution was proposed and accepted, one in which Guardian would design and manufacture a custom faceplate to fit into Guardian’s existing vandal and weather resistant ACE-100 enclosure adapting it to house an SCT unit and provide protection for exterior use.

One type of phone, two uses, interior and exterior met the customers’ needs.